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The writing dragon breathes fires of doubt, so your ideas don’t get expressed.  

It roars and triggers publishing paralysis, so your book gathers dust.

It flashes sharp claws of uncertainty, so your website gets delayed.

Welcome to Harshman Services, where aspiring writers and solopreneurs get help to tame the writing dragon!

Welcome_to_HarshmanServices_Self_Publish_Book_TameYourWritingDragonNot conquer, because conquering suggests writing isn’t something to be enjoyed.

In fact, writing can be a fun, rewarding experience when you’ve tamed your dragon and experienced the thrill of publishing a book or optimizing your website.

Freelance editor and writing coach

There’s treasure in you waiting to be brought out, to the amazement of the world. We’ll help you uncover it and work with your dragon to complete your first (or next) book or website. Get the amount of help you want. Sign up for free tips in your email. Read our blog posts for helpful information. When you’re ready, contact us about writing coaching, editing, proofreading, or setting up a website/blog for you.

You have something great to offer the world. Let us help you find it and polish it, no matter how young or old you are. With a Bachelor’s degree in Education, more than two decades of experience with writing and editing, and a growing team, Jennifer can help you get started and see your dream come true.

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Yes, I have a phone: (618) 315-4036, and you may call it if you’d like, but let’s face it, we’re the written-word kind of people.